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The Pine Grove Gazette

Produced by Ron Lee and Donna Rini


Volume 1, Issue 1                                              NEWSLETTER                                                   December 2014






Saturday, June 13th – (opening day, subject to change)

Saturday, September 26th – (tentative)

The Board of Directors discussed the calendar to determine time frame for the summer program.  It was decided that although ambitious, we would try for 15 weeks during the summer of 2015. Our goal is to maximize our ability to attract likeminded individuals and to promote the religion, philosophy and science of spiritualism.


An essential element of the extended program is the willingness of individuals to volunteer their time and talent. Volunteers are the key to the success and prosperity of the 2015 season of Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp.  Read on!




Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp is looking for volunteers to cover all events during the 2015 summer season. We are looking for you!  The responsibility of the volunteer is to help the presenter set up for the event, greet those attending, collect the fees for the event and help return the Temple to its original condition. You will be able to

attend the event for which you volunteer at no charge. If you’d like to cover a workshop, message circle or a special event please email Donna and Ron at   Let them know the days of the week or weekend that you would most likely be available. It is not necessary at this point to choose a particular event. (Note: Even if you have already signed up to volunteer it is important to send your information to the volunteer coordinators.)


“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

 – Mahatma Gandhi



The Facebook page has been very active and is beginning to attract more attention. Consider visiting the

Pine Grove page if you haven’t already done so and click the “like” button. Your visits and likes are important.  Check the page often for updates!




Plans are well underway for the 2015 season at the Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp. In an effort to maximize our opportunities to serve the wider community and to share the religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism we are extending the season to 15 weeks. The ability to accomplish this ambitious plan depends on the availability of mediums, workshop presenters, and the efforts of individuals to join the Volunteer Planning Committee. While individual volunteers and committees are already working on a variety of projects, more volunteers are needed to assist with the planning of the program (see committees listed below) now and throughout the season. The volunteer committee that is helping to plan next season’s program held its second meeting on Saturday, November 22. The next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 17th at 10:30AM. We encourage all interested in volunteering their time and efforts to attend. For more information please contact Karen Ellis at (203) 520-6214.




Potential Workshop presenters are being contacted and scheduled. If you know of individuals who would like to do a workshop appropriate for our program, please have them email their contact information and a brief description of the workshop to Rebecca Posner or Karen Ellis at






Are you a member or associate member of The Ladies Aid Society, Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp?

Becoming a member requires that you are a paid member of a Spiritualist Church and subscribe to the

National Association Declaration of Principles. Members can hold office and vote at annual meetings

assuring that you participate in the decision making processes that will shape the future of “The Camp”.

Becoming an associate member does not require that you be a member of a Spiritualist Church but that you support the beliefs of Spiritualism and the activities of the Society. While associate members cannot vote they do have a voice and can participate in discussions at annual meetings which in turn affect future programs and strategies of Pine Grove. Membership forms are currently being updated and will soon be linked to face book and the PGSC website. If you know of anyone who may be interested in learning about Spiritualism or in attending any of the services or workshops at Pine Grove please bring them along with you to our Pine Grove Camp.  For additional information or an application to become a member please contact Sandra Morse at



Advertising is a critical component to the success of the program. Immediate help is needed on this committee especially to obtain advertising in the brochure. You can also help by sharing this newsletter with others in your church, development class or on your church website or Facebook page. Let us know of any newspapers or periodicals that offer free publication for events held by non-profit organizations. While your referrals and recommendations are valuable the need for someone to follow-up and make contacts is critical. Please give Karen a call if you are interested or want to know more.



If you or someone you know would like to place an ad in the 2015 issue of the Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp brochure please send your copy to Bruce Deisher at or if you have questions you may reach him at 860-625-5351


The price for ads is as follows:

Quarter page – $25.00

              Half page – $50.00

              Full page – $100.00


The brochures will be distributed to all spiritual churches in CT and their members as well as members of the Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp.  It will also be made available to the general public and published on-line.  The sale of ads helps to offset the cost of publishing.





Individuals were asked to take the lead in the committees needed to plan and promote the summer events.  It was emphasized that taking the lead does not mean doing it all yourself.  We all need to help each other through every phase of the process.


Media and print advertising:  We need someone to take the lead on this.  Abby Stokes will advise and help with newspapers, magazines, radio and possibly a spot on “Connecticut Style”; a local afternoon TV show.  A two week notice is needed to get scheduled for the show.  The lead time for publication in East Lyme Magazine is 3 months.  We need to coordinate events that we sponsor with those being advertised in the East Lyme Magazine.  It has been suggest that we not schedule special events during East Lyme Day.


Facebook/Website: Bruce Deisher and Sheryl SanFelippo will work together to co-ordinate these two sites.  Any ideas or items for posting should go to Bruce Phone: cell – 860-625-5351


Pine Grove Brochure:  Joan St. John has agreed to take the lead in creating the 2015 brochure.  Help with getting advertisement, layout, printing and distribution is needed.  Abby has agreed to ask Sherri if she’d be willing to assist.


Weekly Mediums and Workshops:  We are working to schedule weekly mediums and workshops.  Recommendations and leads for new mediums will be appreciated and considered especially since we are extending the program.  If you are aware of anyone who might be of interest in conducting a workshop please let us know.  Please call Karen at 203-520-6214 or email  Ask around, get the word out!


Special Events: Last year a mediums day and the LAS/CSSA Fair were held.  While we plan to repeat and expand these there is a need for more events to be scheduled throughout the summer.  Think of events outside the box that will attract a lot of people. Everyone can submit ideas!