What is Spiritual Healing?

What is Spiritual Healing?

A Spiritual Healer is one who, either through one’s own inherent powers or through Mediumship, is able to impart vital curative force to pathologic conditions.


How Does Spiritual Healing Work


Spiritual Healing is recognized by many sacred texts, including New Testament scriptures, and is a tenet of ancient and modern religions. A Spiritual Healer possesses a gift, or talent, for passing healing energy from spiritual forces to recipients. This energy helps to bring about relief, cure and healing of both mental and physical conditions.

The primary manner of conducting spiritual healing is through the laying on of hands.  Absent healing is also an important means of healing.

In bringing about healing, spirit beings combine their own healing forces with the magnetism and vitalizing energy of the healing medium. This energy is conveyed to the recipient through the laying on of hands or absent healing, and is absorbed by the recipient.  Absent healing works even if the individual does not know healing is being sent.

Belief in the body’s ability to generate its own healing energy is important in bringing about healing. Thought is the basis of all actions. Our thoughts have an impact on every cell, for either health or disease.  Anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, and despair depress vital energy. Faith, hope, happiness and kindness stimulate essential life force and promote healing.




 * Strengthen your innate healing ability by sitting regularly in meditation and by practicing a  healthy lifestyle.

* Thought is powerful! Think good thoughts, visualize recovery, maintain an attitude of hope and cheerfulness.

* Practice affirmations and daily say the NSAC Healing Prayer. (see About page)

* When sitting for healing, place your feet flat on the floor and your hands laying open on your lap. This creates a positive flow of energy.

* Remember healing is a complementary  therapy, not an alternative therapy.

* Never give up medication or stop taking your health professional’s advice. If you have not  yet seen a licensed health professional, please proceed to do so.

* Spiritual healers should not make a medical diagnosis or provide psychological counseling unless specifically licensed to do so.

* Spiritual Healers should not recommend drugs or a specific type treatment, manipulate the recipient’s body, or use/sell any products, including herbs or crystals in giving healing.

* Remember you are sitting for a healing, not a clairvoyant reading.


All information from National Spiritualist Association of Churches